2022 Final Four Predictions: Kansas vs Villanova, Duke vs. UNC Expert Selections, March Madness Contradictions, Lines

2022 Final Four, not with the favorites predicted by experts. In fact only one of the final teams remaining in the NCAA tournament is ranked No. 1, but we still have a juicy competitor to win the national title. Combined, Duke, North Carolina, Kansas and Villanova have been responsible for 17 NCAA Championships, including nine since the turn of the century. It’s hard to write the best result for the season.

Even better, Caesars sportsbook gamemakers expect the final slate of games this season to be a dozen. No. 1 Kansas has only 4.5 points more than No. 2 Villanova, and No. 2 Duke has only four points ahead of No. 8 North Carolina.

And yet … our experts are close to a consensus on who will advance to the National Championships on Monday. Chip Patterson, from North Carolina, rides a bold straight race with the Tar Heels in Saturday’s final. We can see.

Be sure to stay tuned to CBS Sports throughout the month for NCAA tournament coverage until the final four. Let’s take a look at our expert selections for the final four games that take place on Saturday.

Contradictions by Caesars Sportsbook | East at all times

2022 Final Four Predictions

(1) Kansas vs. (2) Villanova

6:09 pm | TBS, March Madness Live: Unable to boil Anything Match with a particular injury or feature of the game … in most cases. However, it may be too simple: Villanova, already thin at depth, is still thin after losing second-leading scorer and minute-head Justin Moore to an Elite Eight Achilles injury. KU has a profound advantage, and it is very close to equilibrium in terms of efficiency. Caleb Daniels may have advanced for Noah and Jay Wright rode five or six minutes with 35+ minutes to win, but I doubt the injury will tilt this too much in favor of the Jayhawks. Choice: Kansas-4.5


KAN -4.5

Nova +4.5 KAN -4.5 KAN -4.5 Nova +4.5 Nova +4.5



May May May May May

(2) Duke vs. (8) North Carolina

8:49 pm | TBS, March Madness Live: Duke and North Carolina split the regular season series, but beyond winning at Duke’s home ground UNC played spoiler in its victory. Because, in the final of Coach Kay held inside Cameroon, Thar Heels won. No matter how funny and clich it may seem, the revenge story for Duke makes me a believer. Likely to be close together – almost Of course Would be a close one – but feel like oil by the Blue Devils field goal. Take points. Choice: North Carolina +4


UNC +4

Duke-4 Duke-4 UNC +4 UNC +4 UNC +4



Duke Duke Duke Duke UNC

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