2022 NFL Draft: Round 2-3 Results Tracking, Seahawks News and Live Announcements

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The 2022 NFL Draft It restarts from Las Vegas at 4 PM PT with 2-3 rounds on the ABC, ESPN and NFL network. From a Seattle Seahawks Perspective, the team numbered Charles Cross on Thursday. Taken at 9, and never traded back to the 1st round with one of their two R2 picks. At the moment, they have 40 and 41 choices, which makes it very tempting not to trade at least one for more choices. Seattle also finished 72nd overall in the 3rd round.

Will Seahawks take QB on Day 2? After Kenny Pickett only went into Round 1, they had no shortage of options. They have pass rush, cornerback and negotiable linebacker requirements, and you can step back even if you consider not having long-term contracts on the current depth chart.

Join us and we will find out together!

The rest are Seahawks choices

Round 2, select 40 (from Denver Broncos)

Round 2, Selection41

Round 3, Selection 72

Round 4, select 109 (from New York Jets)

Select Round 5, 145 (from Denver Broncos)

Round 5, Exam 153

Round 7, Exam 229

Round 2 Draft Order

33. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from JAX) – Logan Hall, DL, Houston

34. Green Bay Packers (via MIN via DET) – Christian Watson, WR, North Dakota State

35. Tennessee Titans (from NYJ) – Roger McGregor, CB, Auburn

36. New York Jets (via NYG) – Breeze Hall, RB, Iowa State

37. Houston Texans – John Pitre, S, Baylor

38. Atlanta Falcons (from NYG via NYJ via CAR) – Arnold Epicetti, DE, Penn State

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39. Chicago Bears – Kyler Garden, CB, Washington

40. Seattle Seahawks (From DEN) – Boye Mafe, EDGE, Minnesota

41. Seattle Seahawks – Kenneth Walker III, RB, Michigan State

42. Minnesota Vikings (via WAS from India) – Andrew Booth, CB, Clemson

43. New York Giants (from ATL) – Vandale Robinson, WR, Kentucky

44. Houston Texans (from CLE) – John Metz, WR, Alabama

45. Baltimore Ravens – David Ojapo, DE, Michigan

46. ​​Detroit Lions (from MIN) – Josh Pascal, DE, Kentucky

47. Washington Commanders (from India) – Pitarian Mathis, DT, Alabama

48. Chicago Pierce (from LAC) – Joaqun Prisker, S, Penn State

49. New Orleans Saints – Alonde Taylor, CB, Tennessee

50. New England Patriots (via KC via MIA) – Tycoon Thornton, WR, Baylor

51. Philadelphia Eagles – Cam Jurgans, C, Nebraska

52. Pittsburgh Steelers – George Pickens, WR, Georgia

53. Indianapolis Golds (from MIN via GB to LV) – Alec Pierce, WR, Cincinnati

54. Kansas City Leaders (from NE) – Sky Moore, WR, West Michigan

55. Cardinals of Arizona – Trey McBride, TE, State of Colorado

56. Dallas Cowboys – Sam Williams, DE, Ole Miss

57. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from BUF) – Luke Codec, OT, Central Michigan

58. Atlanta Falcons (from TEN) – Troy Anderson, LP, Montana State

59. Minnesota Vikings (from GB) – Ed Ingram, G, LS

60. Cincinnati Bengals (via BBF to TB) – Cam Taylor-Britt, CB, Nebraska

61. San Francisco 49ers – Drake Jackson, DE, USC

62. Kansas City Leaders – Brian Cook, S, Cincinnati

63. Buffalo Bills (from CIN) – James Cook, RB, Georgia

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64. Denver Broncos (from LAR) – Nick Bonito, LP, Oklahoma

Round 3 Draft Order

65. Jacksonville Jaguars – Luke Fortner, OL, Kentucky

66. Minnesota Vikings (from DET) – Brian Asamova, LP, Oklahoma

67. New York Giants – Josh Estu, G, North Carolina

68. Cleveland Browns (from HOU) – Martin Emerson, CB, Mississippi State

69. Tennessee Titans (from NYJ) – Nicholas Pettit-Frere, OT, Ohio

70. Jacksonville Jaguars (from CAR) – Chad Muma, LP, Wyoming

71. Chicago Bears – Wallace Jones, WR, Tennessee

72. Seattle Seahawks –

73. Indianapolis Golds (from WAS)

74. Atlanta Falcons

75. Denver Broncos

76. Baltimore Ravens

77. Indianapolis Golds (from MIN)

78. Cleveland Browns

79. Los Angeles Chargers

80. Houston Texans (from NO)

81. New York Giants (from MIA)

82. Atlanta Falcons (from India)

83. Philadelphia Eagles

84. Pittsburgh Steelers

85. New England Patriots

86. Las Vegas Riders

87. Cardinals of Arizona

88. Dallas Cowboys

89. Buffalo Bills

90. Tennessee Titans

91. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

92. Green Bay Packers

93. San Francisco 49ers

94. Kansas City Leaders

95. Cincinnati Bengal

96. Denver Broncos (from LAR)

97. Detroit Lions

98. New Orleans Saints

99. Cleveland Browns

100. Baltimore Ravens

101. Philadelphia Eagles (from NO)

102. Miami Dolphins (from SF)

103. Kansas City Leaders

104. Los Angeles Rams

105. San Francisco 49ers

Draft Day Trading

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