Authorities say 132 people on board the plane that crashed in China have been killed

China Eastern Airlines Flight 5735 boarded 123 passengers and nine crew from Kunming to Guangzhou on Monday afternoon and entered the mountains in Guangxi, according to video footage and eyewitness accounts.

The plane crashed over 25,000 feet in 3 minutes and crashed into a mountain near the village of Molong in Wujo, setting it on fire.

The cause of the crash has left aviation officials and experts confused. The weather was fine, the pilots did not raise the alarm, and the plane did not appear to be broken while flying. China also has one of the strongest aviation security records in the world.

Outgoing Federal Aviation Administrator Steve Dixon invites Boeing aircraft type Went down “One of the safest aircraft ever built in commercial operation.”

Hundreds of firefighters and rescue teams were dispatched to the scene, local officials said. The US National Transportation Safety Board has appointed a team of technical experts from the Federal Aviation Administration, Boeing and engine manufacturer CFM International to join the Chinese investigation into the crash.

One of the two has been recovered by the search team Black boxes, Contains recorded information from the aircraft that could help investigators find the cause of the crash. But the black box was severely damaged, Chinese aviation executive Mao Yanfeng said on Wednesday.

Passengers on the plane included a young couple who took their children to Guangzhou for surgery, Guangzhou mining company executives, a recently married woman and a woman who returned home for the lunar New Year and returned to Guangzhou. Reported.

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More than 500 family members have landed in the nearby city of Wuzhou, waiting for news of the fate of relatives on board, according to the Chinese state news agency Xinhua.

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