Biden News Today: President opens oil reserves to tackle gas prices, Putin appears to be ‘self-isolated’ and skeptical of Ukraine’s retreat

‘You have to be stupid’: Fiden responds to Fox News reporter’s Ukraine questions

President Joe Biden has ordered the release of 1 million barrels a day of oil from strategic oil reserves for the next six months in a bid to curb rising prices since the United States and its allies imposed severe sanctions on Russia.

The announcement comes after the White House and the Pentagon said senior advisers to Vladimir Putin were misrepresenting the progress of the war. Moreover, the withdrawal of Russian troops from areas near Kiev has warned that further fighting could be re-established.

Meanwhile, the president points out Transgender Vision DayIt proclaimed “to celebrate the activism and determination that fueled the struggle for transgender equality” and “to acknowledge the continuing suffering and discrimination that transgender communities face in our nation and around the world” – led by various Republicans. States legislate directly targeting those who are not gendered, including children.

On Wednesday, Mr Biden also gave a talk on the status of the corona virus infection, announcing the launch of the Central Website for Evidence, before receiving a second booster shot of the Pfizer vaccine. The CIA director is the latest person in the administration to test positive for the virus, and he met with the president the day before – even though they were distant and wearing masks.


Russia’s state television calls Kabard ‘our friend Tulsi’

Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 22:05


Saki criticizes laws targeting transgender people in Arizona and Oklahoma

Ms Zaki called the move “serious and harmful.”

“These laws are unacceptable and we will not stop fighting for justice and equality,” he said on Twitter.

Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 21:45


As Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin put it, “we need to see significant demonstrations from the Russians to reduce the intensity of the aggression,” Ms Beddingfield said.

Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 21:27


Ms. Beddingfield spoke about Republican senators and called on President Biden to do more to end the epidemic while refusing to vote for funding.

“We hope these senators will follow their own advice and provide evidence for a global response because now is the time to act,” he says.

Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 21:19


The White House stands by Biden’s campaign statement that there is nothing unethical in his son Hunter’s transactions in Ukraine and China.

Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 21:05


When asked if the White House was trolling Vladimir Putin, Ms Beddingfield replied: “They are not your words.”

Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 21:02


‘A small bandage on a gap wound’

President Joe BidenPlan to release one million barrels Oil Every day for the next six months from US strategic petroleum reserves described by climate groups as “a small bandage on a gap wound,” they denounced Oil companies‘The greed that accumulates huge profits when consumers are on the rise Gas prices.

Louis Boyle, Senior Climate Reporter The IndependentReports.

Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 21:00


Commenting on Russia’s war in Ukraine, Ms Beddingfield said: “Today we announced additional sanctions on Russian technology companies that carried out Putin’s war of choice.”

He later added: “We have seen undeniable evidence that this was a strategic disaster for Russia.”

Putin added: “These sanctions impose unprecedented costs on the Russian economy, and our role is to continue to strengthen Ukraine on the battlefield.” [and] “Strengthen their hands on the negotiating table.”

Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 20:59


As Kate Beddingfield opens the press conference, the White House celebrates Trans Tay for Visibility, where American transgender people, especially children, continue to face unacceptable levels of bullying and discrimination.

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Oliver O’Connell31 March 2022 20:45

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