Boeing 737-800: What we know about the plane that crashed in China

The cause of Monday’s crash has not yet been determined. This aircraft has been in service since 2015. The plane, operated by China Eastern Airlines, crashed while flying from the southwestern Chinese city of Kunming to Guangzhou.

Here’s what we know about aircraft.

The crashed China Eastern Airlines plane was a Boeing 737-800. This is the most common version of the Boeing jet aircraft currently in service, and will serve on the fleets of several airlines.

Of the 737-800 aircraft, 4,502 are now in service worldwide, making it the most common Boeing aircraft in use today, according to aviation analyst Cirium. It is the most common aircraft model in the United States, with 795 services, as well as 1,177 services in China. It is the second most common aircraft in use worldwide, behind the A320 Boeing (B.A.) Competitor Airbus (EADSF).

The 737-800 is an older model aircraft that was replaced by the 737 Max.

Previous security issues

Boeing began delivering the 737-800 in 1998, but has not provided a civilian version of the aircraft since China Eastern Two took off in January 2020.

The Boeing 737-800 is part of a Boeing jet called the 737-NG. U.S. regulators have cited security concerns over “next-generation” aircraft, although they have not risen to the point where they need to land.

A. in 2018 A passenger was killed In the Boeing 737-700, another aircraft of the next generation family. In that crash, the engine fan blade of the Southwest Airlines plane broke and part of the engine casing collided with the side of the plane. It smashed one of the windows, and the cabin sank fast. The crew was able to land the plane safely, but a woman sitting near that window was killed.

In 2019, Boeing recommended redesigning part of the jet engine covers to prevent the aircraft from flying in the event of a similar malfunction. Boeing agreed to make the change.

A Chinese plane carrying 132 people has crashed in southern China
On some older aircraft, cracks were found in an area used to place the wings. Those cracks are temporary Grounded a few of the 737 NGs.
Other dangerous accidents involving the 737-800 were when planes landed in bad weather and missed or slipped on runways. Two were shot down from the sky by missiles: one inside Ukraine in 2014Another Iran in 2020.

According to the Aviation Safety Network, there has been no catastrophic crash at the Chinese airline since 2010. Boeing released a statement on Monday saying it was working with US and Chinese security officials.

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“Our thoughts are with the passengers and crew of China Eastern Airlines Flight 5735,” the aircraft manufacturer said. “We work closely with our airline clients and are ready to assist them. Boeing has been in contact with the US National Transportation Safety Board and our technicians are ready to assist in the investigation led by China’s Civil Aviation Administration.”

737 max

Boeing 737 Max affected Two fatal accidentsIn 2018 and 2019, it was shown to be caused by a design flaw, Global foundation Of the aircraft.
As a result of those accidents the 737 Max landed for 20 months, thus costing Boeing. Tens of billions of dollars.

The 737-800 does not have the feature that caused the 737 Max crashes.

– CNN’s Richard Quest, Yong Xiong and Helen Regan contributed to this report.

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