Chatter on Elon Musk’s tweet

New Delhi:

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who caused a storm with his tweets, sparked another uproar in a post today about death in a “mysterious situation”.

A week after announcing his decision to buy micro-blogging site Twitter for $ 44 billion, Mr Musk tweeted, “If I die in a mysterious situation, it’s nice to know you.”

Earlier in the day, Mr Musk shared a post claiming to be “involved in supplying military communications equipment to fascist forces in Ukraine.” “For this, Elon, you will be held accountable as an adult – no matter how stupid you play,” the post adds.

The Pentagon, the headquarters of the US Department of Defense, provided the equipment in Ukraine.

Both recordings sparked speculation that the Tesla chief executive was facing threats from Russia for aiding Ukraine in the midst of the war.

In February, Mr Musk’s company, SpaceX’s Starling satellite broadband service was launched following the arrival in Ukraine of a minister from a war – torn country.

The tweet about death under mysterious circumstances met with various responses, from humor to warning to similarity.

Some users asked if Mr Musk was drunk, others decided the biggest taxes were bothering him, and some said he should live to come up with “reform”.

Mr Musk has been making headlines for the past few months, criticizing the shrinking space for free speech on Twitter, and then announcing his decision to buy it for a hefty sum, instead of joining its group at the last minute.

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Following this announcement, he teased radical ideas for a micro-blogging site, including introducing tariffs for business and government users.

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