Christian Javier, No-Hitter vs. New York Yankees with Houston Astros Pulben

Houston Astros Pitcher Christian Xavier And the two relievers combined for the first no-hitter against the New York Yankees in 19 years, beating the best team in baseball 3-0 at Yankee Stadium on Saturday.

Javier (5-3), a 25-year-old right-hander without a full game on 84 professional starts, set a career-high of 135 off 115 pitches in seven innings before being pulled by manager Dusty Baker after the seventh inning.

“I feel so happy and so proud of this moment God has given me,” Javier said through translator.

Said nearby Ryan Presley1-2-3 finished the gem with a ninth: “Doing it in New York is the best feeling in the world.”

New York did not come close to victory ahead of a quiet crowd of 45,076 in a match between the top two record-breaking teams in the American League. The Major League-Best Yankees lost their first consecutive game against Tampa Back after May 28-29, gaining their only runners-up on three walks and one error.

Hector Neris Javier was released in the eighth inning, but not without some play. Norris allowed two walks on the warning track before leaving the inning with a fly ball Joey Gallo And with a rough foundation Judge Aaron At the will of a fielder.

“I have to get it for my team, Xavi has to get it,” I said, “said Norris, who had never pitched in a no-hitter before.

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Presley, who gave up a dying three-run home Aaron Hicks After a 7-6 defeat Thursday night, he retired after batting ninth three straight for his 15th save in 18 innings. Then Giancarlo Stondon At the end of a game, the Astros went to the ground and gathered near the mound for a brief celebration.

Baltimore Hoyt Wilhelm has only thrown two no-hitters against the Yankees since he did it in 1958. The duo arrived at the Yankee Stadium on June 11, 2003 with six pitchers in the hands of the Astros to do just that.

Houston scored on Rookie’s solo home runs JJ Mathievik Seventh and Jose Altuway Eighth. Yuli Courier In ninth place was added a pinch-hit RBI single.

New York has not won for the eighth time so far, and for the sixth time at home. The two are made by Astros, both are concerted efforts.

Houston was the last team to do so across the street at the old Yankee Stadium in 2003. Roy Oswald struggled his right hip after the second inning of his second inning, and beat Pete Monroe (20 innings), Kirk Charles (10), Brad Lidge (two), Octavio Dodel (one) and Billy Wagner (one) 8-0. Won.

The Astros now have 14 no-hitters in their history, most of them majors since Houston began playing in 1962.

Javier threw 71 of 115 pitches. His previous highest was 107 against Seattle on April 27 last year.

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He walked Josh Donaldson Two outs first in a full-count fastball, then Donaldson retired for 17 runs in a row until he reached the third paceman. Alex Breckman Thrown first for an error in an out-out in the seventh ground. Stanton took the third strike Gleyber Torres Swinging scored.

Xavier started by reducing his era to 2.73 Jack Odorisi Is injured. Javier started with 12 off his first 18 batters, but started his last five with one ball. His 50.9% first strike percentage was 155th out of 157 pitchers who faced 150 or more blade appearances this season.

The 26-year-old Matijevic, who was picked up by Houston in the second round of the 2017 Amateur Draft, made his debut on April 22nd. He was 2-for-14, and both wins were separate home runs – he went deep against. Michael Kobe Chicago White Socks on June 19th.

Yankees starter Gerrit Cole Not allowing a win until Jack Myers In fifth place he landed a slider with two outs on the right field. In his earlier start, Cole had kept Tampa Bay undefeated Isaac wallsHe finished eighth on June 20th. The 31-year-old right-hander had previously picked up a perfect match in the seventh game against Detroit on June 3rd. Jonathan ScoopTwo-out single.

There have been three no-hitters so far this season, with five New York Mets pitching against Philadelphia on April 29 and Reed Ditmers Los Angeles set a record against the Rays on May 10.

Houston’s last no-hitter was thrown Justin Verlander In Toronto on September 1, 2019.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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