Direct Announcements: Russia Occupies Ukraine

President Joe Biden Choices and Challenges Ukraine It was already so hard. As The horror of war increasesThey are still in pain.

Since Russia launched its offensive last month, Biden has sought to punish and isolate him President Vladimir Putin And reduce civilian casualties by providing the Kiev government with defensive weapons. But he has measured his actions to avoid being drawn into a dangerous direct confrontation with nuclear-armed Russia, while at the same time fine-tuning his own subtle political situation domestically.

As Putin intensified his attack, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky As more and more distrust grows and the number of civilians becomes more and more terrifying day by day, Biden’s balancing act becomes more difficult.

Political heat on the president, then The period of extraordinary unity In Washington, going up. This would be especially the case if the rest of the world were forced to watch the inhumane Russian siege and the bombing of Kiev.

At a major Washington moment on Wednesday, Zhelensky will deliver a virtual speech to Congress. If his recent speech in the UK Parliament, which drew Churchillian comparisons, was any guide, it would be an encouraging and encouraging cry for lawmakers. If the Ukrainian president includes warplanes and warplanes made by Biden Scotch on the grounds that they could provoke war with Moscow and his demand not to fly over his country, he will create intense domestic pressure on the president.

Pitton’s problem is, after unleashing Absolute economic war With extraordinarily tough sanctions on Russia, there are limits to the steps he can take to significantly increase pressure on Putin without the risk of direct military or cyber conflict. Some critics of the president have argued that he was too cautious in Congress and in some parts of the foreign policy establishment, including his own party.

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