‘Don’t Say Gay’: Disney clashes with Desantis over Florida bill | Florida

Walt Disney is freezing political donations in Florida, and its chief executive has suffered a major setback for trying to repeal a Republican bill without using the company’s broad influence in the state. In LGBTQ + issues.

The bill has caused a stir between the tourism industry and the Republican governor. Ron DisantisWho accused the company of being friendly with Communist China.

On Friday, Disney’s chief executive, Bob Sobeck, released a statement online emailing employees saying the company was wrong to remain silent before implementing what Republican-dominated state legislature called “protesters.”Q Do not say that“R C Tu.

Republicans argued that it was not parents, not teachers, who were concerned about gender issues in their children’s early years. The bill prohibits instruction on “sexual orientation or gender identity” up to grade 3 in kindergarten.

Desandis, who has expressed support for the move, faces calls to veto it, but backs down.

Saabek said the bill was a challenge to human rights and apologized for not acting quickly.

Tsandis sent a fundraising email: “Disney is very deep with the Communist Party of China and has lost any moral authority to tell you what to do.”

The governor’s move shocked both Republicans and Democrats. Disney World is the multi-billion dollar economic driver for the theme park state and Disney has contributed huge sums. Florida Parties and politicians and exert incredible influence in the state government.

“Now the strange hypocrisy of Florida politics is that Desantis is happy to take Disney’s money, but he’s passed a bill that is disgusting to their customers and their company’s values,” said Rick Wilson of the Lincoln Project.

The Republican legislator, who did not want to be named because he did not want to speak publicly against the governor, said Disney was the third-largest contributor to Republican candidates. The company has donated millions to Republicans and Democrats.

The company that opened the theme park in China in 2016 and entered the film market in that country, It was accused of adjusting the content to satisfy China’s leaders.

Critics of Desantis argue that he is going against the company because of his ambition to win the Republican primary as the 2024 presidential candidate.

“It’s very shocking,” said former Republican Gov. Charlie Christie, now a Democrat challenging Congressman Desandis.

Christ said Desantis was involved with businesses important to Florida, which, like a legal battle with travel lines, wanted to show passengers that they had been vaccinated against the corona virus.

“Now it’s Disney. Who’s next on this governor’s hit list?” Christ said.

Democrat US Congressman Darren Soto also questioned the governor’s attack.

“This is another strike on the hate agenda now being put forward by Governor Desantis,” Choto said, adding that the state’s budget relies heavily on sales taxes generated by Disney and other theme parks in the state.

“Now he’s risking it because he wants to attack LGBTQ + families, families that are a fundamental part of the Disney atmosphere,” Choto said.

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