Govt-19 live announcements: orders, lawsuits and divergent news

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Professional athletes and artists working in New York City are not required to show proof of vaccination against the corona virus. New York City Mayor Eric Adams Thursday linked the decision to the city’s high unemployment rate and the need for employees to continue working.

“We’m going to make sure we’re healthy,” he told a news conference in his home city of Field, where he joined executives from the Mets and the Yankees. “Being healthy is not only physically but also economically healthy.”

The change in policy means that Nets star point guard Kyrie Irving, who has refused to be vaccinated, could make his debut at Barclays Center in Brooklyn for the first time this season. This also applies to artists from New York City.

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Mr. Democrat, who took office in January. Mr. Adams, on the city’s wide vaccination order for employees of private companies. He openly fought with Irving’s supporters.

Mr. Adams’ new policy, which applies to a limited number of people, will take effect Thursday, the mayor’s office said in a statement. City artists and athletes on the visiting teams. Attending the press conference was Dr. A.S. Mitchell Gates said he did not understand the exemption for out-of-town workers and “did not follow any science.”

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“We treat our players differently because they lived and played for their own teams. This is not acceptable,” he said. Adams said the order added a “competitive disadvantage” to the teams.

However, the mayor urged everyone to get their shots on regardless.

“I said this, and I will continue to say: All of us need to be vaccinated, even soldiers,” he said.

Mr. Adams holds vaccination orders for municipal workers and other employees of private companies. Those policies were implemented by his predecessor, Bill de Blasio, and were one of the most rigorous local health measures in the United States.

Was mayor The singular focus is on rescuing the city from the plague, Other restrictions have come to an end as cases have dropped in the past month. He recently completed the mask mandate for schools and the source policy for vaccinations for restaurants and gyms.

When asked about further future changes at the press conference, Mr. Adams said, “We’ll continue to see what needs to be done to bring default back to our city.”

He added: “That is my goal. I’m going to do it slowly, systematically with the health team.

In recent weeks, several notable basketball players have been ordered by Mr. Criticized as far as Irving is concerned. His denial Matter related to personal freedom.

NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, Said in an interview with ESPN last month The order “does not make sense” because unvaccinated opponents are allowed to play at Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden. Mr. of the day. When asked about Silver’s comments, Mr. Adams admitted that the rule was “unreasonable,” but focused on whether there would be an exception.

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Due to the US tendency to withdraw Govt precautionary measures, Mr. The pressure on Adams increased. At a public event a Heckler Mr. Mr. to Adams. When shouting about Irving, the mayor suggested a simple solution: “Kairi can play tomorrow. Get vaccinated. ”

On Thursday, Mr. Adams reiterated the point.

“Kairi, you need to be vaccinated,” the mayor said. “Nothing has changed. Get vaccinated. ”

Mr. Irving is one of the best NBA players, and he scored 60 points in his latest game against Wednesday night’s match against Memphis Grizzlies a week ago. He can help win the championship in June. But Wednesday’s game was Mr. It was Irving’s 20th game, while the Nets played 73, and in his absence his team’s struggles are in danger of losing nets to the playoffs.

Mr. Irving’s situation raised concerns that the Yankees and Mets would be prevented from getting vaccinated. From participating in the upcoming Major League Baseball Games At home. Mr. Adams’ change alleviates those concerns, but brings new ones.

Mr. Written by Dr. J. Verma, epidemiologist and health consultant at De Blasio On Twitter Wednesday evening vaccines will work “If you are not rich and powerful, the campaign will work.”

Dr. Verma called the new policy “Khairy Corve out” and said he was concerned that the legal status of the city’s vaccination orders could now be challenged in court as “arbitrary and capricious”.

Mr. Adams denied that criticism on Thursday: “I would not have stood here today if I had not spoken to the lawyers, and they said it would have passed the legal meeting.”

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