Hustle movie: Adam Chandler breaks Rotten Tomatoes record with new Netflix movie

Adam Chandler has created a career record with his brand new Netflix movie.

Actor with a $ 350m (£ 199m) contract with a streaming service ChatterHe is a sportsman who plays basketball scout.

Including previous images of Chandler for Netflix Absurd6, Sandy Wexler And The mystery of murderAll were torn by the critics.

ChatterHowever, Chandler has received some of the best reviews of his career to date.

On Rotten tomatoesOne review overall site, the film received a rating of 89 percent critics, which is in third place The Myrovitz Stories (New and Selected) And Uncut stones.

But, excited for Chandler, Chatter Currently the most loved movie by his fans; Judging by the audience score, it was the highest rated film of his entire life.

Chatter 94 percent, which follows Happy Gilmore (85 percent) and Rule me81 percent – Chandler’s stand-up shows or documentaries are not included.

Adam Chandler has achieved a career record

(Rotten tomatoes)

The Myrovitz Stories (New and Selected)Directed by Nova Pambak, the audience score is 72 percent, while the Safty Brothers Uncut stones Is 52 percent.

Chatter Now available for streaming on Netflix.

Another new film, recently released on Netflix, is titled InterceptorDespite the audience – it has become the most watched movie in the service Calls it one of its “worst”.

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