Mavericks Versus. Suns score, takeaways: Luca Doncic leads Dallas to victory in Game 7 against Phoenix

The Dallas Mavericks are heading to the Western Conference Finals, and there is little doubt that they will be there following the warm start to Game 7. Mavericks jumped 57-27 ahead of first-ranked Phoenix Suns on Sunday night. Again winning 123-90. Luca Doncic excelled for Dallas in the opening 24 minutes of the game, leading all scorers with 27 points. Although it almost topped the Mavericks total in the first half, Spencer Dinvidi scored 21 points from the bench to give Danzi plenty of help.

In the end, Danzig finished the game with 35 points, 10 rebounds and four assists in just 30 minutes. Dinwiddie provided a lot of help from the bench with 30 points on his own, while Jalan Brunson scored 24 points to help Dallas win the road defeat. At the other end, Phoenix struggled through the night at the end of the attack, with Cam Johnson leading all the Suns players on the bench with 12 points.

With the win, Mavericks will face the Golden State Warriors and determine the team that will represent the Western Conference in the NBA Final.

Here are three key pointers in Mavericks Game 7 success.

1. The legend of Luke

LeBron James never loved a player like Luca Tansic. At All-Star Weekend James said, “The way he plays reminds me of the way I play. The infamous James Nike tried to persuade Introducing the LeBron brand built around Danzig as its first signature athlete. NBA history is rife with a generation of stars publicly blessing their successors. Michael Jordan did it with Kobe Bryant. James did it with Danzig. This is apt as Tonsik is now making his best James Impression.

In 2007, fourth-year LeBron James, with his final experience, stunned his No. 1 ranked opponent to become the biggest player in the NBA. Dansik’s boat with the 64-win Sun came a round earlier, but had the same feeling. Luca has no answer for the NBA’s best regular-season team. How many points did their entire team score in the first half of Game 7 (27)?

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This is bigger than the formal chance for Dallas to win the championship. It’s bigger than Danzik becoming the best player in the NBA one day at the end of the season for Giannis Antotokounbo. It’s about reaching a point where you only see once or twice a generation. This is where James was when Michael Jordan scored 63 against the Celtics in 1986 and dropped the pistons in 2007. This is the key point of a young life in which anything and everything is possible.

Danzig has to go a long way before he can be compared to Jordan and James. He will never be the protector they were. Without a superstar team player, it would be hard for him to chase them in terms of championship. But here, now, he is attacking the same checkpoints they did years ago. If his career continues on the path it is on now, Luca Doncic is going to be one of the best players in NBA history. Also, as a collective fan base, we will spend the next decade of our lives watching him try to do that. There is nothing better than that in basketball. So put the hook on people. The Luca Tansik era is upon us.

2. CP37

Chris Paul turned 37 on the night of the 3rd game of the series. Prior to his birthday, he averaged 22.6 points, 9.9 assists and 1.6 turnover per game in the playoffs. From? He dropped 9.4 points, 5.8 assists and 3.6 turnover. Now, players at midnight strokes don’t usually turn into pumpkins, but the version of Paul we’ve seen over the last few seasons is a reminder of a disorder. Small guards should not be this old. Paul had just two wins to a championship last season. He was found completely helpless against Dallas.

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At this point, it is too early to tell what would have been behind it. Maybe Paul actually aged overnight. Mark Spears of Antscape said Paul was suffering from a left quad injury. I can not say how serious this is, but in his late 30s, injuries like this are usually moving forward. We need to give proper credit to Dallas security. The combination of Reggie Bullock and Dorian Finney-Smith did an excellent job on Paul and Devin Booker.

But the whole view of the phoenix consists of two star guards. Winning their championship means Paul has to look like he did in the regular season. If he could not be that player, this version of the Suns effectively exited the championship race. Speaking of which, they now have another major issue to address.

3. What’s next for Deandre Ayton?

Before the season, Deendre asked Ayden Sons for the maximum deal. They said no. Aidan handled his business professionally throughout the year. But in the 7th game he played only 17 minutes. Why Sons coach Monty Williams replied “this is an internal matter”. It is not entirely clear exactly what happens between Ayton and the Sun. Here’s what: Ayden will be the banned free agent this season.

This gives the Suns the right to match any offer made to Aydon. The question here is whether they like it or not. Re-signing Ayden on a salary he could order would push the sun into the line. Owner Robert Server is very cheap. The league is investigating allegations that the server created a hostile working environment, and we do not know what to expect if it leads to any change in ownership. The five teams currently occupying significant cap space are the Pacers, Blazers, Magic, Pistons and Spurs. One of them is going to feel weak enough in Phoenix that he can throw the maximum concession sheet to Aidan in the hopes of stealing him.

If Phoenix does not want to pay him what the market says he is worth, a signed and trade deal would make sense. After all, the Suns are the number they can use in Tansik. 1 took Aydon in the overall exam. The optics for losing him to anything would be terrible, and frankly, such a talent would put an end to any hopes that the Drain Sons would return to controversy next season. But without Aidan this season the Phoenix went 16-6. If something happens between him and the team, there is a valid argument in favor of replacing him. Centers, with a few key exceptions, will be worth less in the playoffs.

Devin Booker is an all-NBA player and it will be even better. Michael Bridges is not so good, but he is improving too. But after that? The Sun has as many questions as any team in the NBA. It will be a confusing season for James Jones to go.

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