NBA Playoffs 2022 – LeBron, Kevin Love and others react to the Brooklyn Nets-Boston Celtics Game 1 thriller

Please we will take it more seriously. The 2022 NBA playoffs are off to a strong start, and Game 1 of the first round playoff series between the Brooklyn Nets and the Boston Celtics is no exception. 115-114 There was tremendous enthusiasm for the heroism of the Boston victory. Jason Tottam And Kyrie Irving.

Tatum (31 points) ensured the Celtics’ victory when he caught a pass Marcus Smart, Spun around before time expires and dropped into a lap. The win marks Tottenham’s fourth straight 30-point game in the playoffs last season. The 24-year-old joined Larry Bird in 1987, the longest line in Celtic history.

On the Nets side of the equation, Irving hosted a show. He scored 39 points, including 18 in the fourth quarter. Kevin Durand He added 23 points, but took advantage of Boston’s defensive pressure to make things 9 for 24 as the Brooklyn star turned things around.

The game – which was still in balance with two minutes to play – the league was talking about.

LeBron James, Tremond Green, Kevin Love Many more NBA stars turned to Twitter fingers to react to Kyrie’s skills, Tatum’s buzzer-beater and six other similar games:

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