New documentary reveals Benz’s response to House push to implement 25th Amendment

A clip of filmmaker Alex Holder’s documentary obtained by CNN showed Benz an email from one of his employees, which states that the document contained a draft of a House resolution calling for Benz to implement the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from power. .

A Benz spokesman, however, denied the character, saying it was imaginary. “In the documentary, Vice President Pence responded to confirming that a letter had been sent to Speaker Pelos rejecting his maneuver to implement the 25th Amendment,” a Pence spokesman said.

Before the vote on the resolution, Benz sent a letter Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she was not going to insist on the 25th Amendment. “Last week, I did not succumb to the pressure to exert power beyond my constitutional authority to determine the outcome of the election, and I will no longer submit to the efforts of the House of Representatives to play political games at the most serious time in my life,” Pence wrote.

Holder told CNN’s Dan Lemon in an interview Thursday evening about the email Benz received: “I could see what it was on the phone.”

“We saw the email with the speaker’s logo on it, and so did my DOP, our photo director,” Holder said. “At that point, I knew something had happened, and then we confirmed it.”

In a documentary interview, Pence says “yes, better” when he emails his assistant a phone. He then smiles angrily and asks the assistant “Tell me to print a hard copy for the trip home”. Benz assembles himself for the rest of the interview.

The next clip shows Benz saying, “I’m always been optimistic about America,” in the context of the crew erecting a security fence around the Capitol building.

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Footage of a previously unpublished Benz interview was captured within a week of pro-Trump rebels attacking the US capital in an attempt to block Joe Biden’s election victory certificate. Benz was evacuated to safety amid calls from rioters to “hang Mike Pence.”

The same evening that Benz was interviewed, The The House passed the resolution Pence must implement the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from power and consider him unfit for office. Only Illinois Representative Adam Kingsinger, a Republican, voted in favor of the resolution, a symbolic vote taken a day before the second term of House Trump on January 13, 2021.

In a short clip of the forthcoming documentary about CNN’s parent company, Discovery Plus, Benz did not comment on the content of the resolution. But the video is now a small sample of the extra content the team has. However, during his interview, the documentary states that the former vice president refused to discuss anything related to January 6.

Holder, the filmmaker, appeared Thursday behind closed doors for a confession to the committee on Jan. 6, almost six months after he and key Trump figures behind the scenes, including the former president himself.

In a clip of an interview with Trump in Mar-a-Lago on March 2021, the former president was asked directly what happened on January 6.

“Well, it’s a sad day, but it was a day of great anger in our country, and more people went to Washington because they were angry at the election that they think was a fraud,” Trump said.

“A small part, you know, went to the Capitol, and then a very small part of them went inside,” Trump continued. “But I can tell you that they were angry from the standpoint of what happened in the election because they were smart, they see, they saw what happened. I hope this is a big part of what happened on January 6th.”

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Holder’s “unprecedented” three-part documentary on the 2020 election will be released later this summer on Discovery Plus. The documentary contains scenes never seen before in the Trump family’s campaign trail and their reactions to the election results.

Trump and his allies have not yet publicly responded to the news that Holder has been sabotaged by the group or to what has now been revealed in interviews held by the group.

According to clips released by Discovery Plus and clips obtained from CNN, the documentary features interviews with Trump and his three children: Ivanka, Dan Jr. and Eric.

Like Trump, his family members speak directly to the camera. These interviews may provide a fresh perspective on what those close to the former president said before and after January 6th.

In a short film obtained by CNN from December 2020, Ivanka Trump told the filmmaker, “Every vote must be counted and heard, as the president said. He campaigned for the voiceless.”

The clip looks from the same interview part, First published by the New York Times Tuesday night and confirmed by CNN, where Ivanka Trump said her father “must continue to fight until every legal settlement is reached” because people questioned the “sanctity of our elections.”
The interview came a few days after then-Attorney General William Barr Said publicly There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Under oath, Ivanka Trump told the committee on Jan. 6 that Barry’s assessment “affected my perspective” and “accepted what he said.”

Those comments seem to contradict the sentiment he expressed in the documentary interview.

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In this documentary Benz talks in detail about the process of choosing Trump as his partner. He talks about Trump inviting his family to his garden in Bedminster, New Jersey, and playing golf with the then GOP candidate as part of his testing campaign.

Before watching Trump’s interview clip, the documentary notes how Trump attacked Pence on January 6, as rioters called for his execution.

“I think I treat people well. If they don’t treat me well, you go to war,” Trump says.

Update: The story and title have been updated to reflect former Vice President Mike Pence’s spokesman Pence’s denial of the contents of the email he responded to in the documentary.

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