Russia-Ukraine war news: live announcements

LONDON – The European Union is preparing to approve a comprehensive new security policy that would allow up to 5,000 troops to stand in the event of a crisis.

“The current hostile environment requires a quantum leap,” EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borel said on Twitter, citing the conflict in Ukraine.

The “Strategic Compass” policy will strengthen the EU’s security and defense capabilities by 2030. Said In a statement on Monday.

This policy will allow the 27-member congregation to better “contribute to the protection of its citizens and to contribute to international peace and security”, especially in favor of “global and transatlantic security.”

The EU has said it will hire more professionals, conduct direct training on land and sea, and improve military mobility and intelligence skills under the policy. It said it would have a cyber defense thread to better respond to online attacks and interruptions, and would ensure member states significantly increase their defense spending.

Borel hailed the new strategy, which European Council leaders are expected to approve later this week, as “a turning point” for the EU.

“I am very happy that this project has finally been approved,” he said Said Reporters noted that some funding would be needed from taxes on European citizens. “The compass will help us increase our ability to act quickly and decisively in response to crises,” he said. “We can react.”

The EU report said the plan aims to strengthen cooperation with organizations such as NATO, the United Nations and the African Union, and to further “form bilateral alliances” with like-minded countries, including the United States, Canada and Japan.

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However, Borel insisted that this would not be an EU military.

“We do not want to create a European army,” he said. “There will be European armies, and each member state will have its own military. But we must work closely together and better coordinate our spending.

Subsequent US administrations called for an increase in European countries Security cost, Including the former president Donald Trump. Leaders such as Emmanuel Macron of France have also been pushing for greater military self-sufficiency on the continent following the withdrawal of troops from Brexit and Afghanistan.

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