Sen. Ron Johnson’s aide tried to give fake voters to Pence

Photo: C-SPAN

January 6 Committee On Tuesday, a Republican senator’s aide showed speeches from Michigan and Wisconsin seeking to hand out fake election certificates.Vice President Mike Pence Jan. 6.

Why it matters: These text messages underscore the extent to which Republican lawmakers sought to help Former President Trump attempts Infiltrated the electoral ballot count.

Running messages: Sen. Sean Riley, an aide to Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.), Wrote in a Jan. 6 letter to Chris Hodgson, Republican senator, that Benz wanted to provide an alternative voter list for MI and WI.

  • “Don’t give it to him,” Pence’s assistant wrote in reply.
  • Johnson’s spokesman tweeted The senator said he was “not involved.”
  • “It’s an employee for a staff transfer. His new chief executive has contacted the vice president’s office,” Johnson spokeswoman Alexa Henning said.

Between the lines: Trump also urged Republican National Committee leader Rona McDonnell to support his efforts to change the outcome of the 2020 election.

  • “Basically he turned the call around [lawyer John Eastman]He began to talk about the importance of the RNC if there were any legal challenges that could change the decision of any one state.
  • “I think it’s helping them reach out and unite, but my understanding is that the campaign was at the forefront, and we’re helping them in that role,” McDonnell said.

Large image: Robert Sinners, a former Trump campaign employee, told investigators Jan. 6 that the fake voter program “caused him anger.”

  • “I’m angry because, I think, in a sense … no one really cares if people put themselves in danger,” sinners said.
  • “At that time we were a kind of useful idiots or Rups,” he said.
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