Sheriff says Vicky White, an Alabama reform officer who escaped with prisoners, died at the hospital

He was admitted to hospital with gunshot wounds to himself after being detained following a car chase in Evansville, Indiana, the U.S. Marshalls previously told CNN. His injuries were “very serious,” Marriage said at the time.

According to Sheriff Rick Singleton of Lauderdale County, Alabama, no law enforcement officers opened fire, and the pair – unrelated – escaped on April 29.

According to U.S. Marshal Matt Keeley, before the chase could continue, surveillance officers found Vicky White leaving a hotel wearing a wig. Later, she and Casey White got into a car.

Officers continued to track them down until they were looking for a vehicle, which could have been done when a member of the U.S. Marshal’s crew drove over the Cadillac where the couple were. The car broke down and rolled over, he said. According to US marshals, Casey White was driving the car, although Vicky White told reporters at the wedding that he was the driver.

Authorities were able to remove the prisoner from the wrecked car, but Vicky White was fitted inside with a gunshot wound to his head, Keeley said.

Casey White told officers, “I’m going to help my wife. She’s shot in the head. I did not do that.” According to Keeley, Casey White and Vicky White are not married.

The pair’s capture ended an 11 – day manhunt that garnered widespread national attention and flooded hundreds of tips from all corners of the country, eventually leading to the location and arrest of the escapees.

That tip came Sunday night, Singleton said.

The couple said the marriage is believed to have been in Evansville since May 3. “It’s hard to believe they’ve been here so many days, but we’re lucky to see them today,” he said.

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Singleton said 38-year-old Casey White will be brought back to Alabama. The prisoner faces previous murder charges. Vicky White, 56, was first charged with permitting or facilitating an escape in the first degree, and later faced additional forgery and identity theft charges.

“He will be in a cell alone,” Singleton said. “He will be in handcuffs and bandages while he is in that room. If he wants to sue me for violating his civil rights, let it be so. He will never come out of this prison again. I promise you that.”

Before he escapes with his jailer, the Alabama escapee is accused of killing a sweet, patriotic mother who never forgot her birthday.

Singleton said, “I’m always looking forward to this decision. I know we’ll catch them. It’s been a while.

Most escapes from the district jail are arbitrary, he said.

“This escape was apparently well planned and calculated,” Singleton said. “It took a lot of preparation. They had a lot of resources, they had the money, they had the vehicles, they had everything it needed to pull it off. That’s what made this so challenging in the last week and a half. Received. “

Indiana car wash photos released

Earlier on Monday, US Marshalls Evansville released photos of who they believe Casey White was caught on surveillance camera at the car wash.

This is the first time he has been reported missing since he escaped from the Lauderdale County Detention Center with Vicky White.

Vicky White Not found in photos.
U.S. Marshals have released photos of who they believe is Casey White, who escaped from an Indiana car wash.
Investigators were told Sunday night that the 2007 Ford F-150 was found in a car wash in Evansville, 175 miles north of Williamson County, Tennessee, where the Ford Edge couple traveled in 2007. Found in abandoned condition.

The owner provided the images from the security camera, U.S. Marshals said in a statement.

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The agency said the marshals went to Indiana on the tip.

The U.S. Marshals Service said it believed the man in the photo was Casey White.

He was rewarded with up to $ 15,000 for information leading to his capture and $ 10,000 for information leading to his capture of Vicky White.

Vicky White faced several charges

Prior to his death, Vicky White faced new forgery and identity theft charges in Alabama, in addition to the charge of allowing or facilitating his escape in the first degree filed last week.

The new charges were announced Monday and came from an official who used a nickname to buy a 2007 Ford Edge vehicle, officials said.

What we do know about Casey White, an Alabama prisoner who escaped with a correctional officer

Vicky White, the assistant director of Lauderdale County Corrections, took Casey White out of the county jail on April 29 and said he would take her for a mental assessment, which authorities later learned was never planned. She then told the prisoner that she was going to get medical treatment because she was not feeling well.

Singleton said Monday that using Vicky White’s aliases could complicate the search.

“If she uses her own identity, it will be much easier for us to find her,” Singleton told CNN’s Piana Golotrica. “We know she used the wrong identification to buy a car in the county.”

Before Vicky White died, Singleton said she hoped she would recover from her injuries.

“We do not want any wrongdoing on Vicky’s, but she has some answers,” he said. “I have all faith (in her). She was a role model. I don’t know if I will ever know it” What became of it changed.

The video shows the footage being well-prepared to escape, the sheriff says

Vicky White’s surveillance video footage taken before the exit showed the size of the product that escaped, Singleton said.

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Investigators found footage of White shopping for men’s clothing at a department store and an “adult store,” Singleton said, adding that the prisoner had “apparently changed clothes.”

“It tells us it was very well planned and calculated,” Singleton said. “Apparently she planned this escape well up to a t.”

Investigators have previously released video footage showing Vicky White being in a quality hotel in Florence, where she stayed the night before her escape a week ago.

Why human hunts like Vicky White and Casey White fascinate us

The patrol car carrying the officer and prisoner from the jail was dropped off in the shopping center parking lot. Vicky White’s prisons, radio and handcuffs were found inside. Authorities believe the couple went in a different vehicle: Vicky White’s 2007 Ford SUV he parked at the scene the night before.

The Vehicle found At a Tennessee toe lot on May 6th. The car was abandoned in the woods without identifiable information on the same day the two escaped, indicating they drove about two hours north from the Florence prison to Williamson County in Tennessee.

Authorities believe the vehicle may have been suddenly stopped in the area due to an engine malfunction.

Vicky White and Casey White have known each other since at least 2020, the sheriff told CNN earlier this week.

Before they disappeared, Vicky White announced her retirement plan and sold her house for a price Price below market value.

On May 4, the sheriff’s office announced that he had not been hired by them, and that despite April 29 being his last working day, his retirement had not been finalized.

CNN’s Jen Selva, Joe Sutton, Jameel Lynch, Nadia Romero and Jade Tim-Garcia contributed to the report.

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