Spacewalk cut short by Russian cosmonaut’s spacesuit problem

Astronaut Oleg Artemyev was never in danger, NASA officials said during a live broadcast. However, problems with the battery pack powering his spacesuit were enough for flight controllers to urgently order him back to the space station and connect his suit to ISS power. According to the Spacewalk commentary, battery problems caused “voltage fluctuations” in Artemiev’s spacesuit. Live broadcasting.

Officials on the ground issued several warnings to Artemyev to return to the airport.

“Drop everything and start going back immediately” was the last message from the ground before Artemiev confirmed that he was going to the flight lock. Moments later, he re-enters the space station and manages to connect his suit to its power.

Mateev, who was working with Artemyev on the spacewalk, remained outside the space station’s airlock until space controllers decided to end the spacewalk early due to problems with Artemyev’s spacesuit.

On the livestream through a Russian interpreter, Artemyev joked to flight controllers that he “felt better than when he started the spacewalk” after returning to the ISS.

The goal of the Mercury mission was to install new cameras on two astronauts, Artemiev and Matveev. European robot armIt is mounted on the exterior of the space station in the Russian-controlled part of the ISS.
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