Texas-Mexico border: Governor Greg Abbott removes inspections on 2 international bridges following controversial policy setback

EL PASO, Texas (KTRK) – Texas has signed an agreement with another Mexican state to reduce border delays caused by severe and mandatory testing of commercial vehicles heading to the United States.

On Thursday, Governor Greg Abbott announced a halt to testing for commercial trucks coming from Chihuahua. Many truck drivers were frustrated as they waited at least a whole day to inspect their trucks at the crossing.

A similar announcement was made on Wednesday after Samuel Garcia, governor of Abbott and the Mexican state of Nuevo Lyon, reached a similar agreement. Abbott said he and Garcia had agreed to increase border security measures by the government of Nuevo Lyon on the side of the bridge. Garcia hopes other governors in the Mexican states will do the same.

Governor Abbott ordered mandatory DPS inspections of all commercial vehicles. They will now turn out to be random tests performed by DPS on the bridge connecting Nuevo Leone with the United States.

Abbott said he hopes to make similar deals with other Mexican leaders in states and cities with bridges that connect directly to the United States.

And bridges in two Mexican states are still under severe DPS inspection, causing delays. Abbott says he has to meet those leaders in the coming days.

In a statement, the U.S. Department of Customs and Border Protection said further investigations were unnecessary. Almost a week after the direction was ordered, we now see long delays at the border for commercial trucks. The CBP confirmed that some waiting hours at crossings are more than five hours, which results in a 60% drop in commercial traffic.

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The CBP stated that “longer than average waiting times and subsequent supply chain interruptions are unrelated to CBP screening activities and may result in additional and unnecessary inspections conducted by the Texas Department of Public Security on the orders of the Governor of Texas.” In a statement.

According to the CBP, local trade associations, officials and businesses are calling on the Texas government to stop the extra-border truck inspection process. It said no further research was needed to ensure the safety and security of communities across our state. In fact, the CBP said it would cause a major headache as it would have significant impacts on local supply chains and ultimately affect consumers and businesses nationally.

On Wednesday, White House spokesman Jen Zhaki said unnecessary and unnecessary inspections of trucks crossing entry ports were causing significant disruption to food and automobile supply chains. According to Psaki, this delays production, affects jobs and raises prices for households in Texas and across the country.

“Government Abbott’s actions are affecting people’s jobs and the livelihoods of hard-working American families,” Zaki said. “Local businesses and trade associations are calling on Governor Abbott to reverse this decision, as trucks face long delays of more than five hours at some crossings, reducing business traffic by up to 60%.”

Mark Jones, a political scientist based in Houston, invited Abbott’s move to the political arena.

“It’s all designed to draw attention to the border and make Texans think about President Biden’s immigration policy, which is generally viewed negatively by the majority of Texans,” Jones said. “However, if the costs incurred by Texans for tomatoes, strawberries and avocados and the prices of manufactured goods continue beyond a few weeks, it will have dire consequences.”
At a time when people across the country are already struggling with record inflation of 8%, Jones said the recession of workers would indicate a shortage of goods.

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“Everything that happens on the border will have a very negative effect on inflation, so high prices will not fall, and Texans will be hit in their pocket books,” Jones said.

The president is blaming inflation, but he said this time the governor would be an opportunity to raise prices through a political stunt on the border in Texas. Jones believes the security measures announced by Abbott last week have nothing to do with policy and, instead, have to do with politics.

ABC3 approached Abbott in this regard to find out if there were any other plans to address border security without affecting trade, but we have not yet heard the answer.

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