The executive says his company conducted an internal tax audit after Trump took office

A longtime Trump lawyer oversaw an internal investigation into the Trump Organization’s tax practices in 2017 and 2018 that led the company to “do something different,” an executive testified Tuesday.

This revelation came in the middle of the second day Comptroller of the Trump Organization Jeffrey McConey was sworn inWho was the first witness called by the government in the company’s New York case? Fraud investigation.

McConey said the investigation was led by an attorney, Sherry Dillon January 2017 press conference Then-President-elect Donald Trump had one in which he and Trump displayed reams of documents related to his companies’ taxes.

McConey’s testimony was terminated Tuesday after her Tested positive for Covid-19. The hearing is expected to resume on Monday, November 7.

Donald Trump holds a news conference in 2017
Piles of papers and files are shown as President-elect Donald Trump holds a press conference in New York on January 11, 2017.


The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office indicted Alan Weiselberg, the former chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, in 2021 and the company through two corporate entities, the Trump Corporation and the Trump Payroll Corporation. “Indirect Employee Compensation.” Weiselberg pleaded guilty to the charge in August. The company maintains its innocence on all charges.

Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Susan Haffinger said during her opening statement Monday that the company’s executives had been evading taxes for years, “but when Donald Trump was elected president at the end of 2016, the evidence shows that these companies finally had to clean up these scams.” . tax practices.”

Dillon, a tax attorney at law firm Morgan Lewis who spent more than a decade working on matters related to the Trump Organization, was brought in after the president took office after leaving the firm in 2017, McCany said Tuesday.

Dillon asked you to “clean things up in the Trump organization?” asked a lawyer.

“She did,” McConey replied.

He said the investigation resulted in a memo being completed in late 2017 or early 2018.

“I was instructed as her boss to do things differently,” McConey said.

Later, attorney Joshua Steinglass asked, “After Ms. Dillon conducted such an investigation, was it time for the Trump Organization and the Trump Corporation to stop engaging in some of the practices that led to these allegations?” he asked.

To which McConey replied, “Yes, sir.”

Dillon did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

As McConey began to describe the memo, lawyers for the Trump Organization objected, citing attorney-client privilege, and the judge called a sidebar. Discussion of the reference was then limited.

Prosecutors say company executives used various methods to “hide” lavish benefits from tax authorities since at least 2005.

Lawyers for the company said in their opening statements Monday that Weiselberg was the only one who hid the fact that he didn’t pay taxes on the benefits.

Wieselberg is expected to be called as a witness during the trial. Weiselberg pleaded guilty in the case in August and agreed to testify as part of his plea deal. He will be sentenced after a trial expected to last up to six weeks.

McCany testified Monday that his personal attorney was being paid by the Trump Organization and that he met with the organization’s criminal defense attorneys on other occasions.

Judge Juan Mercon rejected a request by prosecutors to treat him as a hostile witness.

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