The March 2022 jobs report is expected to show strong gains: direct announcements

debt…Gina Moon for The New York Times

At the height of the epidemic locks in May 2020, more than a third of American workers did their homework partly and changed the perception of workplace flexibility. Since then, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the share of telecommunications workers has been steadily declining due to Govt-19, down from 22.7 percent in February 2021 and 13 percent in February 2022.

Now those numbers are likely to drop. Many employers have increased calls for workers Come to the office In recent weeks, companies including Goldman Sachs, Meta, Microsoft and Chevron have called for the retrenchment of some employees, while mask orders have dwindled, although the number of Govt cases has begun to rise again in some areas.

“Now you’ll see a lot of companies, big and small, starting to put stocks on the floor to get our people back into the office,” said Mark Ein, president of Kastle Systems, a building security company that oversees the U.S. office. 40 percent last month.

But plans to return to the office have met with skepticism from people who claim to work from home Improves productivity and mental health. Telecommunications helped some color workers avoid the emotionally charged comments they encountered in the office.

“When I’ve in a room that is no different, they automatically think of me as a secretary,” said Eleanor Fernandez, a 50 – year – old art worker in the Bay Area who switched to working remotely during epidemics.

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Some employers reopen their workplaces, but promise long-term flexibility. App Direct, a software company with 850 employees worldwide, called the plan to return to its office Janus – for the Roman god of transformations and startups – the next phase of on-site work not like in advance. If employees want to stay home they don’t have to come back.

“We’m not saying office is better or work is better – we’re leaving it as a choice,” said Deb Tenenbaum, human resources head at AppDirect.

Ms. Dennembaum joined the company shortly before the outbreak and said she was excited to learn more about co-workers through opportunities to build relationships and personal encounters: “Maybe they’s just as tall,” she joked.

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