The Senate is passing a bill to make daylight saving time permanent

The Sunshine Security Act passed the room with unanimous approval. The bill is yet to be passed in the House and will have to be signed into law by President Joe Biden. If the move destroys Congress and is signed into law, it means it should not back down in the fall every year.

CNN did not immediately respond to a request for comment from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office on the issue.

Republican Senate from Florida. Marco Rubio, the law’s sponsor, said there was no guarantee the forum would take it, but “whose time it is”.

The Democratic Senate, which presided over the bill, will represent the state of Arizona, which does not comply with daylight saving time. Kirsten Cinema was able to hear Mike say, “Oh, I love it.” Following its passage, she said “Yes!”

The bill has the support of two parties, including several Republicans and Democrats.

“You will see that this is a select collection of US senators in support of what we have now done in the Senate, and it is to pass a bill to make daylight saving time permanent,” Rubio said. Senate site. “Last weekend, we all went through that two-year ritual of turning the clock back and forth, and the disruptions that result from that. After a while one has to ask themselves why we do it?”

“If we can accomplish this, we don’t have to continue to do this nonsense,” Rubio added.

Sen. of the Missouri Republican Party. Roy Blunt said he supported the bill after it was reportedly passed.

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“I think it’s better to have extra hours at the end of the day than it’s to be dark when the kids go to school and dark when the kids come home,” he said.

Rubio noted that the bill is delaying implementation until November 2023 because the Department of Transportation has already drawn up the schedule and asked for additional months to make changes.

Sen. of Rhode Island, a leading supporter of the Democrats. Shelton told the White House before the bill was passed Tuesday that it would “allow Americans across the country to get out of the fall and make day-saving time permanent.” A little sunshine in most people’s lives. “

The story was updated on Tuesday with additional improvements.

CNN’s Lauren Fox, Clare Foran and Ted Barrett contributed to the report.

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