The Yankees get Josh Donaldson, Isaiah Kiner-Falefa and Ben Rordweight from duo Gary Sanchez and Geo Urshela

The quiet season of the Bronx Bombers has come to an abrupt end as five players from the Yankees and Twins have joined the blockbuster of the deal. Third Baseman Josh DonaldsonInfielder Isiah Kiner-FalefaAnd catcher Ben Rodwet Everyone goes to the Yankees, while the Twins pick up the catcher Gary Sanchez And infielder Geo Urshela. The entire $ 50MM to be paid under Donaldson’s contract is being absorbed by the Yankees.’s Mark Fine Sand.

Donaldson has a five-team ban, but it is not known if the Yankees were one of the five clubs on his list or if he waived his rule to move to New York. As the Yankees pay a $ 2MM quota bonus for trading and move on, the $ 16MM club option at Donaldson for 2024 is now becoming a mutual option with a $ 6MM purchase instead of a $ 8MM purchase.

This huge deal creates a shake-up in both clubs’ lists, and Kiner-Falefa’s Minnesota tenure ends a day later. Only bought Kiner-Falefa from the Twins Rangers Mitch Carver Saturday, but now the former Gold Clover is flipped over as part of a bigger deal, which sees the duo move a big paycheck from their books. Another twist does not seem to be coming Says athlete Ken Rosenthal The duo plan to use Sanchez behind the plate.

After a winter of speculation about how the Yankees will speak in their infield, the Bronx Bombers have now established Donaldson as their new daily third baseman and Kiner-Falefa as their new shortstop. (New York joined the IKF earlier this winter, so the team finally landed him after he stopped for a while in Minnesota.) DJ Lemahiu You can float between the first and second floor and share time Gleyber Torres On the keystone and Luke You On the first site. The DH Spot is an opportunity to provide players with up-and-coming pads, depending on how much outfield time they have. Giancarlo Stondon Can handle.

Having said all this, we can certainly not rule out the Yankees making another big change as the team is linked to both. Freddie Freeman And Matt Olson Address the first site. If any of those players are obtained, Voit will definitely appear immediately Business CandidateAnd even dealing with LeMahieu or Torres may be possible depending on which direction the Yankees want to go.

Donaldson is no stranger to the AL East when playing with the Blue Jazz from 2015-18 and has enjoyed some of his best years (including his 2015 MVP season). As Donaldson deepens into his 30s and worries about injury have increased, the 36-year-old’s productivity in Toronto has not diminished much since those years. The third paceman won last season with 26 homers over .247 / .352 / .475 and doubles over 543 PA, and continued to record his regular Elite-Level Heart-Contact and Walk ratios.

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Defensive measurements are mixed in Donaldson’s third basic cloverwork, but New York hopes to pick up any defensive slump on the left side of the Kinar-Falefa infield. Winner of the AL Gold Glove Award as the third paceman with Texas in 2020, Kiner-Falefa 1498 carrier innings shortstop saved defensive runs (+14) and was impressive in terms of UZR / 150 (+1.7) measurements. , 2021 Outs Above Average Metric (-7) was very low in his shortstop glovework. Fielding Bible ranked third among all shortstops in voting for the 2021 season.

Kiner-Falefa is still controlled by two refereeing seasons, thus turning him into a bridge to believe that the Yankees will be short of their future. Throughout the winter, New York reportedly resisted the hunt for the top tier of the free agent shortstop market because of the team’s confidence in star opportunities. Anthony Wolf And Oswald Perza. This season Perosa may be close to making its MLB debut and with the Wolf coming up by 2023, the Yankees wanted to retain flexibility in the short term rather than locking themselves in with a ten-year commitment. Carlos Korea Or a Cory Seeker.

Rordwheat is the most famous of the five names involved in the swap, and he scored only 169/229/281 over his first 98 PA in the Majors, all of which were with Minnesota last season. Although Rordwett has excelled at minors, he is not expected to be another Sanchez on the plate because the Yankees seem to want to brigade Rottweight. Kyle Higashioka In defensive-first integration. Of all the other pop musicians in the New York line-up, the focus on glove work behind the plate seems to be a fair transfer, especially as Sanchez’s defense has been a matter of controversy among Yankees fans for years. Again, it is not questionable whether the aggressive Yankees can make another move to add a more proven senior to the catching mix.

Wage wise, the Yankees receive Donaldson’s $ 50MM Scheduled Kiner-Falefa’s 2022 salary is $ 4.9MM and Rortvedt’s minimum salary. Urshela’s $ 6.55MM salary for 2022 and Sanchez’s estimated $ 7.9MM salary off books are about $ 242.7MM (step List resource) This is above the new $ 230MM tax limit, but below the “second tier” $ 250MM, which could lead to severe financial penalties for the Yankees. The club ducked under the luxury tax line in 2021 and reset its watch, so the Yankees will have to pay a maximum of 20 per cent penalty for the first time for every dollar they spend between $ 230MM and $ 250MM.

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The savings are too deep for the duo, who pulled out of their books by Donaldson and have now freed up some long-term pay space. According to Darren Wolfson of SKOR North (Twitter link), The Twins did not pick him up with the intention of moving Kiner-Falefa back immediately, but the club eventually pushed the Yankees’ chance to take all of Donaldson’s contract.

This is not to say that Minnesota should tear down the list, as most of Donaldson’s 2022 pay space is now filled by Sanchez, Urshela and even. Sony Gray, Purchased Earlier today from the Reds. After spending less than $ 100MM on wages in 2021, there are about $ 94.2MM doubles in the books for 2022, giving them more room for other moves if they approach $ 125MM- $ 131MM full season pay from 2018 onwards. 19 seasons.

Owner Jim Bohlot said the twins last summer Will not be rebuiltAlthough the duo appear to be planning to compete more firmly in 2022, they have developed more maneuverability in landing Sanchez (one year left for free agency) and Urshela (two years restriction). Should things go right for the doubles in 2022 as they did in 2021, so the team can move forward more cleanly in moving players in the trade deadline and consider a large-scale restructuring at that point.

Not long ago, Sanchez was seen as a key to the Yankees’ future, coming out with big power numbers, which made him appear next to a long line of big-hitting Bronx catchers. However, Sanchez has averaged three-thirds of the average numbers over the past four years, leading to speculation that Sanchez may even be a non-tender candidate last fall. Clearly, hanging on to the catcher proved useful to the Yankees because in this big move they were able to turn him into a big trading chip.

Between his defensive issues and his evolution as a three-true-game genre, it remains to be seen whether Sanchez will find a fresh start in Minneapolis. He will not be the first player to blossom out of the New York pressure cooker (his new teammate Gray is a prime example), and Sanchez will provide even stronger power and basic numbers. Sanchez still makes many difficult contacts, but building that connection is a recurring problem because Sanchez has been one of the game’s most strike-out-of-the-ball hitters for five seasons.

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Assuming the duo actually plan to keep Sanchez, he will be the pair Ryan Jeffers (More defensive-minded catcher) Carver as an alternative. Elsewhere in Infield, a situation that was resolved with the addition of Kiner-Falefa has now been blown up again.

Although Urshela has some experience as a shortstop, Hot Corner’s regular position and the fact that she has shown herself to be a very strong defender, the chances of her getting Donaldson’s place on the third floor are high. Urshela came out of nowhere to post more numbers for the Yankees in 2019 and 2020, quickly making herself an infield routine amid multiple injuries on New York’s list during the 2019 campaign.

However, Urshela suffered some health problems last season, missing time between the COVID-19 outbreak at a New York clubhouse and her left thigh pain. This explains Urshela’s fall to 147 runs above 442 PA and 267 / .301 / .419 slash line, while her gait and strike rates have dropped from her 2020 levels.

The duo are clearly looking forward to recovering from their two new players, and there is some obvious reversal in the club’s plan. If Sanchez and Urshela return to their form in 2019, it will be more than enough to make up for Donaldson’s bat loss. The purpose of this deal is to indicate that at least one significant follow-up move will come, as the duo will now have to address a narrow gap filled by Kiner-Falefa again. Jorge Polanco Can go back to the shortstop in a pinch but the duo want him to be the second paceman to move forward.

Since Urshela can at least manipulate the shortstop on a part-time basis, the duo may choose to land another third paceman, thus shortlisting Urshela / Polango time sharing and Polonko /Louis Ares Split at the second base. Daniel Robertson And Beckham team Also camp on small league deals for infield options and infield opportunity Joseph MirandaThe big 2021 season has put him on the brink of his MLB debut.

ESPN Jeff Basson (Twitter link) Was the first to report that Donaldson and Kiner-Falefa were given to the Yankees. John Heyman of the MLB Network Sanchez and Urshela announced they were moving to Minnesota. Athlete Ken Rosenthal (Via Twitter) Announced Rortvedt’s merger into the business.

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