Warriors vs.. Mavericks score, takeaways: Golden State features Luca Tansy, dominating Dallas in Game 1 of WCF

The Golden State Warriors beat the Dallas Mavericks 1-0 112-87 in the final of the Western Conference Western Conference on Wednesday night. They are now 7-0 up in the playoffs, and they will be perfect in Game 2, which is set for Friday night.

After the start of the match, the Warriors took the lead in the middle of the first quarter and did not fall behind again. Stephen Curry, who came out of the break, caught fire and led the way to a complete 10-0 break. The Warriors took a 30-run lead and the attack continued throughout the second half. Curry led the Warriors attack with 21 points, 12 rebounds and four assists.

Luca Tonsic led the Mavericks with 20 points, seven rebounds and four assists. It was also one of the playoffs’ worst attacking performances, with the Mavs scoring 36 percent off the field and a brutal 11 off 48 from 3-point ground.

Here are some key points from the game:

1. Third Quarter Warriors are back

During the heyday of this Warriors Championship Center, they had a habit of breaking games in the third quarter. They will make changes, increase intensity and turn competitive games into blowers before their opponents know what is going on.

In Game 1, they showed that they still have that magic. Although the Warriors took the lead for most of the first half, the Mavericks were just nine runs behind at the break and were still on strike. With 7:16 remaining in the third quarter, the Warriors rose to 18 and the game was over.

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Steph Curry and Clay Thompson struggled to find their fault in the first half, finally scoring 20 out of 13 on the field in the third game. At the start of the frame they scored 10-0 in two minutes, which was the highlight of the night for the Warriors. Once the curry starts to dance, it is a bad sign for the other team.

2. According to the Warriors role players

Much was said about Mavericks ‘supporting cast during the playoffs, but it was the Warriors’ role-players who changed the game on Wednesday night. Seven different Warriors scored doubles, and six of them received at least five rebounds.

It’s a real team effort, but Andrew Wickins and Kevon Looney’s efforts need some extra recognition. Both of those were excellent, especially in the first quarter when Charlie, Thompson and Jordan Poole were under attack. They scored 16 of the Warriors’ 28 first-quarter points, and they almost tied the Mavericks in that frame. Looney scored 5 of 5 from the field, and they added 29 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists.

Wiggins made a real difference in the defensive end. He got the job of defending Luca Tonsic and made an impressive change against the event. In the presence of Wiggins, the Warriors kept Tonzi just 20 points from 18 on the field, which was his lowest scoring and least efficient play in the playoffs.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said, “I thought Vix was awesome.” He did an amazing job. The Vicks are a big part of our defense and our team. “

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3. Mavericks lose their connection from the city

Mavericks’ attacking approach is very simple: land on the ground with shooters and play drive and kick basketball. Their 40.9 3-point efforts per game are higher than other teams in the postseason, and on a larger scale they live and die in 3s. In Game 1, they died.

They started 3 of 19 from downtown in the first quarter and finished 11 of 48, making no progress from there. It was the lowest 3-point shooting game in the playoffs for Mavericks. One night, they set a new record for 3-point attempts in the postseason. This is not a good mix.

Although the Mavericks missed a few open looks, it felt like they were starting to settle for 3 seconds as the game went on. While the shot is an important part of their offense, it is not good when it becomes only one part. Mavericks took only six attempts at the rim all game and managed just 32 points in the paint.

However, as things got worse in Game 1, he hopes the team can move forward again.

“Our crime is going to come,” Jalan Brunson said. “We’re good at crime. We were so beautiful tonight. If we believe in our work ethic and technique, I’m comfortable with the shots we took tonight.”

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